Food Package

Every Year in the Month of Ramzan we Distribute Food Package to
Hundreds Families of Poor, Widows ETC


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Blood Donation Camp

Please Donate your Blood for the sake of humanity. Keep in touch

  • 2017-04-05
  • 2
Tajheez o Takfeen Course

Tajheez o Takfeen Course will be conducted soon

  • 2017-04-06
  • 1
Hajj Training Course 2017

Jamia Tableegh-ul-Qura'an, Yousaf Abad has arranged Hajj Training for the Successful Hajj Applicants. All the Successful applicants are requested to attend compulsory Hajj Training as per Schedule. The training will be given by Moulana Mufti Muhammad Ayaz and Doctor Moulana Hashmat Ali Safi.


The training is provided is the help of Multi-media in which the detail of Manasik-e-Hajj is given by showing exemplary images to the applicants.

Date and Timing:

15th and 16th July, from Maghreb to Eshaa.


Jamia Tableegh-ul-Qura'an, Yousaf Abad, Peshawar.

  • 2017-07-15
  • Jamia Tableegh-ul-Qura'an, Yousaf Abad


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